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Special tracks


TISHW 2018 special tracks are sessions organized by high-profile organizers that invite 5-6 authors in a special podium session as part of the conference program. They intend to extend the impact of the conference and promote its main goals, namely: provide a space for debate on new tendencies and software projects for populations with special needs; contribute to the creation of synergies among public and private entities, namely Industry and Universities; to share experiences and best practices.

TISHW 2018 special tracks

The use of Smart Technology to boost Active Aging and healthy life-styles
Ana Balula, Águeda School of Technology and Management, University of Aveiro, Portugal.
Contact: balula@ua.pt

Monitoring and Evaluation in Sports: Evidences and recommendations
Daniel Marinho and Henrique Neiva, Department of Sport Sciences, University of Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal; Research Center in Sport Sciences, Health Sciences and Human Development, CIDESD, Covilhã, Portugal.
Contact: marinho.d@gmail.com

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in Sports, Health and Wellbeing – IoTISHW
Vitor Santos – NOVAIMS- UNL, Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
Contact: vsantos@novaims.unl.pt

Prevention and mitigation of Frailty through Physical Exercise Interventions
Elísio Costa, UCIBIO/REQUIMTE, Faculty of Pharmacy and Porto4Ageing reference site, University of Porto, Portugal.
Mafalda Duarte, ISAVE and CINTESIS of University of Porto, Porto, Portugal.
Constança Paul, ICBAS and CINTESIS, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal.
Contacts: emcosta@ff.up.pt; mafaldaduarte@hotmail.com; constancapaul@gmail.com

A comprehensive approach to the use of Technology in Team Sports: From conceptualization to application
Hugo Folgado, Department of Sports and Health, School of Science and Technology, University of Évora; Research Center in Sports Sciences, Health Sciences and Human Development (CIDESD), CreativeLab Research Community, Portugal
Contact: hfolgado@uevora.pt

Wearable Technology in Sports: honorable improvement or unfair advantage
Miguel Velhote Correia, Faculdade de Eng. da Universidade do Porto (FEUP), Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores – Tecnologia e Ciência (INESC TEC), Laboratório de Biomecânica do Porto (LABIOMEP), Portugal
Contact: mcorreia@fe.up.pt

Paper revision and selection

  • The special track organizer is responsible for having each paper reviewed by at least two independent reviewers.
  • The special track organizer will make the final selection of papers for the session
  • The special track organizer must email all accepted authors information to specialtrack@tishw.ws, by the general notification deadline. TISHW 2018 organization committee will then send official invitation letters and registration information to the authors.
  • All authors accepted for the special track are required to register and provide full payment by the conference registration deadline.
  • All final papers must be received by the conference final submission deadline and must adhere to the TISHW 2018 final paper formatting requirements outlined at the conference web site at http://www.tishw.ws/2018.
  • The special track organizer will act as chairman of the special track at the conference.
  • The special track organizer’s paper can be reviewed by TISHW 2018 scientific committee upon request.

If you have any further questions regarding the special tracks, please contact TISHW 2018 organizing committee via e-mail at specialtrack@tishw.ws, with the subject “Special track information request”.


Papers accepted in TISHW 2018 will be published by IEEE being available in the IEEE Xplore Digital Librarygo to new site IEEE Xplore Digital Library and will be sent for indexing in ISI, Scopus, EI, INSPEC and Google Scholar.